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Our mission is to continue to foster superior innovations in aligning our customer needs with our empowered employees and management partnership.

Feller LLC’s philosophy is continuous improvement of customer satisfaction. Its objective is to meet or exceed customer requirements while supplying the fastest delivery available.


Our goal is to bring the best quality product to our customers, without adversely affecting any community or individual in the process.

Feller is the highest quality power cord manufacturer. We function on basic principle that treating our staff well makes for a positive and ultimately more productive work environment. All of our employees worldwide, manufacturing and administrative alike, are paid fairly and have access to all basic benefits like healthcare and pension. In our estimation, exploitative labor tactics are not only inhumane, but are far less effective than using technology and innovation to advance business.


Feller is to be recognized for the high values, devotion and loyalty of its people and partners.

These values ensure top product quality, innovative approaches, and guaranteed satisfaction to the customer.

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