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Power Cords Japan & Taiwan

We have been able to combine "Japanese and Taiwanese" bulk cable into ONE cable type.

To optimize our "doing" and reduce the number of different bulk cable types, we will make following changes for bulk cables.


OLD: VCTF2x0,75 / HVCTF2x0,75 - NEW: CNS HVCTF2x0,75 (Japan + Taiwan)

OLD: VCTF2x1,25 / HVCTF2x1,25 - NEW: CNS HVCTF2x1,25 (Japan + Taiwan)

OLD: VCTF2x2,00 / HVCTF2x2,00 - NEW: CNS HVCTF2x2,00 (Japan + Taiwan)

OLD: VCTF3x0,75 / HVCTF3x0,75 NEW: CNS HVCTF3x0,75 (Japan + Taiwan)

OLD: VCTF3x1,25 / HVCTF3x1,25 NEW: CNS HVCTF3x1,25 (Japan + Taiwan)

OLD: VCTF3x2,00 / HVCTF3x2,00 NEW: CNS HVCTF3x2,00 (Japan + Taiwan)

As a consequence, we will be able to offer for many Japanese and Taiwanese POWER CORDS and CORD SETS "UNIVERSAL VERSIONS"!

For example, current Japan Plug 498GJ and Taiwan Plug 498GTW will be combined in future to 498GJTW in combination with C13, C13M, and C19.

For bigger volumes and special cases, it will even be possible to combine JAPAN, TAIWAN with UL and CSA cable types. Especially for the cross section 2,00m2 and 14AWG in combination with C19, C20, and even NEMA ... plugs.

This may be of advantage for some customers (reducing the number of different versions...). However, these combinations have to be checked case by case because of approval, marking, tooling and manufacturing reasons.

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