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The Revolutionary DK3 Plug

History tells us that Thomas Edison was the first man to develop a power coordination system in 1882. Back then it was mainly used to light circuits. Ever since then we have come a long way and now the power industry is now divided into many parts some catering to small household equipment while others are used to power industries on a large scale.

The International Electro-technical commission (IEC) was formed in 1906 to help scientists research and build theoretical frameworks that would help commercialize electric machinery and technology. Over the years, scientists worked upon each other’s research work and came up with innovative electric plugs which we use today.

One might wonder why there are so many types of electric plugs out there in the market; it is because at that time there was no standardization and manufacturers in each country started making their own plugs and sockets. Even though we have a variety of options, but still it does pose a problem as there is no single plug that can be used for all electric devices.

In the recent past there have been numerous innovations, especially in the field of electronics where the need for continuous improvement has lead to new products being made on a regular basis. 

The electronics market has rapidly grown in size over the past decade or so and it has led to more competition amongst businesses. Countries such as Denmark have greatly benefitted from this rise with increased productivity and better manufacturing procedures among the few improvements that have been made.

Electrical outlets in Denmark use a two-prong plug which is also common in Europe. Power cords and plugs have become an important accessory because in most instances without it you can’t run your computer, fridge or any other electrical devices for that matter. 

In the past, safety was a major issue for users of electrical devices with unearthed plugs often giving out high voltage current. As a result people had to be very careful or else they risked the danger of being hurt. These electric sockets were not at all safe for children and parents had to keep an eye out all the time, which meant that it was a hassle to get on with daily activities without fearing the worst for your child.

However technological advancements have now made electric plugs and sockets much safer and even a child can safely operate them thanks to the advancements. The new DK3 plug has child resistant shutters making it one of the safest plugs to use across Europe.

The DK3 plug has been made using the best quality materials. It is longer lasting and is very conducive, improvements have been made on the previous model and its design and shape make it ideal for usage with all sorts of electrical appliances. 

Manufacturers have used the most advanced research to come up with the revolutionary DK3 plug and it is very likely to become a widely used accessory over the coming years.

With more talented people entering the industry, there is every possibility that further progress will be made and engineers will continue to deliver quality products such as the DK3.

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