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Power Cord's - Hospital Grade

Hospitals use many types of electronic medical equipment. All these machines cannot be run on regular power cords. Hospitals are required to meet safety criteria when using heavy medical equipment. Previously, the devices used required very bulky molded plugs. But recently, new hospital grade cords have efficiently replaced the previous system.

Hospital grade power cords are designed to meet crucial requirements of medical equipment. These cords are specially created for use in a hospital environment. They are certified by a product safety certification organization such as Underwriters Laboratories or CSA. 

All countries have different medical standards and hospitals have to use those pre-set standards as criteria when making purchase decisions for hospital supplies. These cords are approved after undergoing rigorous tests which check the durability and conductivity of the cord to ensure its high performance.

A ‘green dot’ on the cord near the plug-in end is a form of attestation that the cord has been designed and tested according to the criteria set by the certification organization. Medical cords, therefore, are often known as ‘green dot hospital grade power cords.’

These cords are specially designed using solid nickel-plated blades. Inside the cable are retention devices that help prevent stress on internal connections. Hospital grade power cords are divided into three main categories. Firstly, there are cords with one end which have exposed wiring on the other end to enable hard-wiring into heavy medical appliances. 

Cords with two ends are used to power equipment that has a built-in inlet for the connection. Moreover, there are multi-leg cords that comprise of a splitter which enables the power cord to support two or more receptacles.

If you are buying a hospital grade power cord, check if it has the features that meet hospital requirements. To identify if the cord you are buying is correct, check to see if the blades are prolonged. Also, check if the product has the ‘green dot’ and has the words ‘hospital grade’ etched on it. You also need to check if the plug mold has a strain relief device fitted inside it to prevent any additional tension.

If these criteria are met successfully, then you can be sure of the safety and reliability of the product. The pricing of these cords is fairly reasonable. You can find many manufacturers and suppliers of these cords on the internet. Compare the quality and prices of cords being offered by different manufacturers before making your final purchase decision.

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